China Manufacturers Multiple Types/Size Flexible Coupling Rubber Shaft Coupling 185*102 25A for Excavator Coupling cast of coupling

Product Description

Companies A number of Types/Dimension Flexible Coupling rubber shaft coupling 153*seventy six 22AS for excavator coupling
Our main items:
metal go over lock, filter, oil grid, pump, cylinder head, crankshaft, camshaft, connecting rod, connecting rod bearing, valve, plunger, nozzle, exhaust valve, motor assembly, consumption pump , admirer blade, engine preheater, radiator, ingestion valve, primary bearing, crankshaft bearing, nozzle, nozzle pipe, oil pump, piston, piston pin, piston ring, plunger, valve seat, thrust bearing, valve guidebook, valve Seats, valve seals, gasket sets, h2o pumps, turbochargers, generators, starters, sensors…

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NO. LB NO. Model OEM NO. Identify NO. LB NO. Design OEM NO. Identify NO. LB NO. Model OEM NO. Title
one KLB-Q3001 PC40 105*53*10 Engine CUSHION 15 KLB-Q3015 E312
ninety five*28*16 Motor CUSHION 29 KLB-Q3571 SK230 ninety*45*21 Engine CUSHION
2 KLB-Q3002 PC120-6 4D102 82*forty six*18 Engine CUSHION sixteen KLB-Q3016 EX312
95*29*17 Engine CUSHION 30 KLB-Q3030 HD250 59*31*thirteen Engine CUSHION
three KLB-Q3003 PC200-3 124*68*forty five
Engine CUSHION 17 KLB-Q3017 ZAX230
95*28*16 Motor CUSHION 31 KLB-Q3031 HD450
97*fifteen*19 Engine CUSHION
4 KLB-Q3004 PC200-5/six
80*forty six*19
Engine CUSHION 18 KLB-Q3018 E320B one hundred ten*forty*22 Engine CUSHION 32 KLB-Q3032 HD450
118*36*19 Motor CUSHION
5 KLB-Q3005 PC200-five
130*73*twenty five
Engine CUSHION 19 KLB-Q3019 E330B 136*44*twenty five Engine CUSHION 33 KLB-Q3033 LS120 87*42*17 Engine CUSHION
six KLB-Q3006 PC200-6
20Y-01-12222 Engine CUSHION twenty KLB-Q3571 DH220-three
68*70*12 Motor CUSHION 34 KLB-Q3034 LS280
86*23*sixteen Motor CUSHION
7 KLB-Q3007 EX200   Engine CUSHION 21 KLB-Q3571 DH220-3
a hundred and ten*one hundred and five*fourteen Motor CUSHION 35 KLB-Q3035 LS280
96*twenty five*sixteen Engine CUSHION
8 KLB-Q3008 EX200-five
167*a hundred and ten*14 Motor CUSHION 22 KLB-Q3571 DH220-5 104*74*19 Motor CUSHION 36 KLB-Q3036 SH60
one hundred twenty*one hundred ten*twelve Engine CUSHION
nine KLB-Q3009 EX200-6
a hundred seventy five*one hundred thirty five*16 Engine CUSHION 23 KLB-Q3571 DH280
a hundred sixty five*two hundred*sixteen Motor CUSHION 37 KLB-Q3037 6D22
70*35*21 Motor CUSHION
10 KLB-Q3571 EX200
one hundred twenty*155*14 Engine CUSHION 24 KLB-Q3571 DH280
two hundred*a hundred and ten*20 Motor CUSHION 38 KLB-Q3038 6D22
95*41*22 Engine CUSHION
eleven KLB-Q3011 EX200
165*one zero five*14 Motor CUSHION twenty five KLB-Q3571 SK60
98*103*twelve Engine CUSHION 39 KLB-Q3039 DH55
one hundred*48*17 Motor CUSHION
twelve KLB-Q3012 EX200 126*100*eleven Motor CUSHION 26 KLB-Q3026 SK60
ninety eight*103*16 Motor CUSHION forty KLB-Q3040 SH200A3 137*one hundred sixty*sixteen Engine CUSHION
thirteen KLB-Q3013 EX300
87*35*20 Motor CUSHION 27 KLB-Q3571 SK120
one hundred*fifteen*19 Engine CUSHION          
14 KLB-Q3014 EX300
one hundred ten*39*22 Engine CUSHION 28 KLB-Q3571 SK120
one hundred*47*19 Motor CUSHION          

NO. LB NO. Product OEM NO. Title NO. LB NO. Product OEM NO. Name NO. LB NO. Product OEM NO. Identify
1 KLB-Q2001   25H  162*ninety two COUPLING 22 KLB-Q2571 16A 155*76 COUPLING forty three KLB-Q2043 S32S 235*ninety seven COUPLING
two KLB-Q2002 MS110 DH55 30H 195*a hundred and five COUPLING  23 KLB-Q2571 16AS 155*76 COUPLING 44 KLB-Q2044 S25S 163*fifty eight COUPLING
three KLB-Q2003 30H  195*one zero five COUPLING ASSY 24 KLB-Q2571 22A 153*76 COUPLING 45 KLB-Q2045 E200B 14T     COUPLING
four KLB-Q2004 EX200-two 40H 170*90 COUPLING 25 KLB-Q2571 25A 185*102 COUPLING forty six KLB-Q2046 50AC 14T  205*forty COUPLING
5 KLB-Q2005 40H   170*90 COUPLING ASSY 26 KLB-Q2026 25AS 185*102 COUPLING forty seven KLB-Q2047 SH280   COUPLING
six KLB-Q2006 45H  183*ninety two COUPLING 27 KLB-Q2571 28A 178*93 COUPLING 48 KLB-Q2048 E200B  12T   COUPLING
seven KLB-Q2007 45H 183*ninety two COUPLING ASSY 28 KLB-Q2571 28AS 178*ninety three COUPLING 49 KLB-Q2049 50AM  16T 205*forty five COUPLING
8 KLB-Q2008 90H  203*107 COUPLING 29 KLB-Q2571 30A 215*118 COUPLING 50 KLB-Q2050 SH200 14T  205*forty COUPLING
9 KLB-Q2009 90H  203*107 COUPLING ASSY thirty KLB-Q2030 30AS 215*118 COUPLING 51 KLB-Q2051 E330C 350*one hundred forty five COUPLING
10 KLB-Q2571 50H  195*one hundred ten COUPLING 31 KLB-Q2031 50A 205*108 COUPLING 52 KLB-Q2052 E330C   COUPLING
11 KLB-Q2011 50H   195*a hundred and ten COUPLING ASSY 32 KLB-Q2032 50AS  205*108 COUPLING fifty three KLB-Q2053 168mm*48m 26T 3H   COUPLING
twelve KLB-Q2012 110H  215*one hundred ten COUPLING 33 KLB-Q2033 90A 272*140 COUPLING 54 KLB-Q2054 242mm*72mm 50T 8H   COUPLING
thirteen KLB-Q2013 110H 215*a hundred and ten COUPLING ASSY 34 KLB-Q2034 90AS 272*a hundred and forty COUPLING fifty five KLB-Q2055 295mm*161mm 48T 12H   COUPLING
14 KLB-Q2014 140H  245*a hundred twenty five COUPLING 35 KLB-Q2035 140A 262*132 COUPLING fifty six KLB-Q2056 352mm*161mm 48T 8H   COUPLING
15 KLB-Q2015 140H   245*one hundred twenty five COUPLING ASSY 36 KLB-Q2036 140AS 262*132 COUPLING fifty seven KLB-Q2057 352mm*161mm 46T 8H   COUPLING
16 KLB-Q2016 160H  255*134 COUPLING 37 KLB-Q2037 E300B  16T  278*54 COUPLING 58 KLB-Q2058 318mm*72mm 50T 8H   COUPLING
seventeen KLB-Q2017 160H  255*134 COUPLING ASSY 38 KLB-Q2038 E450 16T 360*fifty two COUPLING 59 KLB-Q2059 315mm 42T   COUPLING
18 KLB-Q2018 4A 104*fifty three COUPLING 39 KLB-Q2039 SH430   12T  205*35 COUPLING sixty KLB-Q2060 268mm*100mm 42T 6H   COUPLING
19 KLB-Q2019 4AS 104*fifty three COUPLING forty KLB-Q2040 SH200 14T  205*40 COUPLING 61 KLB-Q2061 167mm*90mm 47T 3H   COUPLING
20 KLB-Q2571 8A a hundred thirty*70 COUPLING forty one KLB-Q2041 50ASM  20T  205*40 COUPLING 62 KLB-Q2062 182mm 42T    COUPLING
21 KLB-Q2571 8AS 130*70 COUPLING forty two KLB-Q2042 SH160(SH60)  15T 173*22 COUPLING sixty three KLB-Q2063 220mm 46T    COUPLING

1Q:What is your model?
1A:Our very own brand name: Mita Group and its assortment of excavator parts.

2Q:Do you have your very own manufacturing facility? Can we have a pay a visit to?
2A:Totally, you are alwayswelcome to pay a visit to our factory.

3Q:How do you manage the quality of the merchandise?
3A:Our manufacturing unit was acquired the ISO9001CERTIFICATE.Each method of the manufacturing is strictly managed. And all merchandise will be inspected by QC just before shipment.

4Q:How prolonged is the supply time?
4A:2 to 7 times for ex-stock orders. 15 to 30 days for production.

5Q:Can we print our firm symbol onproduct and bundle?
5A:Indeed, but the amount of the get is essential. And we need to have you to provide the Trademark Authorization to us.

6Q:Can you offer OEM Manufacturer package?
6A:Sorry, we can only provide our company ACT Brand package deal or neutral packing,blank package deal ifyou want, and the Buyers’ Manufacturer as approved.7Q:How lengthy is the warranty time period?7A:3 months

Certification: ISO9001
Standard Component: Standard Component
Technics: Casting
Material: Rubber
Type: Coupling
Size: 185*102
US$ 25/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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